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I'm a fan of the shmup genre (Cave, Raiden,  Treasure). And Guns of Mercy is already part of my daily gaming that I make time for throughout the day.  So therefore, had to try this out once i heard about it.

I found this game to be a bit bizarre, not in the bad sense but just different. And perhaps thats a good thing.  Everything from the graphic styling to the music was very different than what I'm use to seeing in other shmups.  Its kinda like a mix of the typical bullet-hell genre, mixed with the teleportation of Velocity Ultra/Penelope. Slightly slower paced but still has many tense moments.

I didn't quite enjoy the first level too much. I initially thought those diamonds you first see were powerups or collectibles - to my surprise they weren't. The level pacing and patterns felt strange. The music was also bizarre. The whole entire time i forgot that I can even teleport. But that was just the first level.

The second level i thoroughly enjoyed quite more. It kinda reminded me the second level from Ikaruga. Obviously now I had to make use of the teleportation. The same with the 3rd level. However, this is trial by fire type game. Even skilled shmup players will die many times (perhaps a bit much from the looks of it) until they can actually memorize the level properly. 

I did enjoy the boss fights though. They were insanely overwhelming but it was fun and done well.

All in all, i enjoyed the game. Definitely looking to see how it all turns out.

Hello, sorry to have put a lot of time to respond.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the demo, it is obvious that the game is much too difficult! It is also the interest of this demo, to have your opinion!

I will improve these aspects of the game, I will try to update the demo in the coming days :)

Thanks again !