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The demo for this game is absolutely breathtaking!! Fantastic job! I seriously must play the full version soon! Also I'm just going to flat out guess but is Arsenik the same guy from your game "Don't Take This Risk?"

Hi, delanie_balanay. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

The main guy of Don't Take This Risk is indeed in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)...but I can't tell you whether it's Arsenik. He might very well be, but you'll have to wait and find out when you play the full game. In the meantime, you're absolutely welcome to theorize and guess who he may or may not be! I'd actually love to hear who you think he is, if you care to share your thoughts.

Thanks for commenting, delanie_balanay, and if you have any other questions or feedback, feel free to let us know.  Have an amazing rest of the week!

Thank you so much for replying back! Anyway that's okay. I respect that. I'm very patient but a girl can dream haha anyway in the meantime are there any other games you've made or know any games similar to the two you've created that I should play?  And of course do you plan on shooting for maybe a fall 2017 release of the full game "Beauty and the War X?

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Hmm...I find that a lot of our fans enjoy our sweet and romantic Valentine specials. I recommend starting with War: Valentine Edition listed at the top there. Other than that, you can find the full list of our games here. (The ones farther down the list were made when we were just starting out, so art-wise, you'll notice a definite improvement in our more recent games!)

We've been working day and night on refining the full version of Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces). With all the fun surprises we have planned, that will likely overshoot 2017, but we are hoping to get out beta ver. 2 of the demo you just played within this year - around late summer to early fall. If you care to share what you think about the new and improved one then, you know that we'd love to hear from you! We're always curious to know what players think of all our hard work.