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I really like the game so far. It's hard to read the text but I can basically get it. I also have a hard time knowing how to use the items. It says numbers like 1 or 3 next to the item, but when I stand next to the tape, and press 1 or 3 to use the photo pieces, nothing happens. I feel a little stuck.

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hey there, thanks for playing! I'm glad you like it but sorry to hear there are some issues ~___~

> you don't actually have to use any of the items; the game will allow you to progress naturally as you get them.

> sometimes rpg maker 2k fonts come out looking completely different on people's machines -- not sure why this is but it's a known system issue, you can download a font patch here that should fix it:

hope this helps! please feel free to comment again if you have any more questions <3