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Okay, hm. I can't find much info on this. It seems to be very rare (quote of a dev of a different game "This bug has been experienced by 3 out of 1,261 users")

Some possibilities are apparently:

  • Download without Virus scanner active (somebody had problems with Avast antivirus)
  • Grahpics card (or other hardware) below Unreal Engine 4 recommendations.
  • Here is a comment from a user (for a different game) regarding Avast

Hey wittlief, I was having the same problem as Stormrage using 4.8.2. I am also running Avast. I put the packaged game into a new folder, whitelisted that folder in Avast, and ran the game for the first time and I did not get the error.

For anyone else, open the Avast user interface, go to Settings > General > scroll down till you see Exclusions > then add your folder there.

I've had problems with Avast and UE4 in the past. I also had to add exclusions for the entire engine directory and my projects directory.