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I could definitely get behind a DrawRect(), DrawCircle() and especially DrawLine().

The ability to draw things like targeting rays, or draw primitive things to a buffer once and then repeatedly draw that to the screen buffer would be awesome.

I agree. It's been a struggle to stay true to old hardware but allow some of the cooler stuff I seeing being done with Pico 8. The new API supports pushing raw pixel data to the display as a Sprite (which is capped by the system max sprite limit) or to the tilemap cache which acts like a buffer for rendering the tilemap.

Once I get these new APIs under control I can look into building more helper functions to draw shapes using the existing core drawing APIs.

I have port some of the pico 8 functions and today I rewritten rect and rectfill methods, to be more performance friendly, which allows you to draw lines,rects and filled rects quite quickly. Check my post in this thread: pico-8-to-pixelvision8-tips