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Hello! I had fun playing it, but I do not know where to go after the first boss because I cannot see a door or a hole to go through or anything of the sort :( If you could help with that I'd really appreciate it, I would love to finish it!

Still, I really liked that boss (actually died to it a couple times!). My favourite part of the level was that part where there was a difficult jump to make and if you don't make it the path underneath is blocked by a crate, because it forces you to use your gun and thus learn that you can destroy them that way. It was a very nice execution of a classic game developer trick >:) 

All 3 bosses should open up a hole in the floor for you to drop through, barring any bugs.

Thank you for your comment and appreciation!

Fun game so far but in around 1/2 of my games the pit doesn't open after killing the first boss.  Not sure why, I haven't noticed anything obvious that causes it. 

That's really strange. If I have some time this week I'll look into it and try to push a fix.

I have also noticed in more runs that occasionally wasps take like 3x the amount of hits to kill them. happens randomly and not to every wasp? still enjoying the game though!

This is actually an intended mechanic! If you keep chaining shots into Wasps, you can keep shooting them until you stop. The more shots you land the more overkill bonus you receive, but it caps at a certain amount.