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Thanks for the feedback, it's really great to hear comments on the game.

"Now I couldn't get very far as when I try to kill the first enemy (when discovering the full sword) my hits mostly didn't seem to land making me die almost every time."

I had a lot of problems getting the combat working correctly and consistently.  With this being a 3-week challenge project I couldn't put any extra time into fixing it up.  I'll see about getting it fixed.  The only tip I can offer, is if you're facing them on a straight, whole angle then it is more consistent.  Even then, it is certainly janky.

"having to match only 4 or 5 of the 8 runes would have been more fun in my opinion."

I did think this, but with no play testers couldn't verify so left it as is.  One thing to bear in mind, is that because the puzzles are random, you can exit and get another one.

Thanks again for the kind words, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to try and improve it further based on feedback.