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We knew it was coming. I was totally gonna get it early. Still have more to do though.

Alchemist Update Bug Report


Bug in the hospital that traps you. I don't know how I triggered it, but the guard won't let you get out. I died to the Lazy Behemoth when it happened.

There is a hotel bug. When you exit your room the door vanishes. Because of this, if you enter it again you are trapped.

Water Essence is only dropped by blue spirit enemies. It is needed for a lot of recipes.


Small typo in the credits page's first line

Warrior has an HP bug at the start. They have 550 HP but when you make them it is 450/550 instead.

Warrior skills are free

Succubus Knight skills are free

Secret Statue needs the button prompt to only appear on the right side. It appears on the left too and it makes the sprite act a bit weird. This is because the bottom half can't move on the left side because you are blocking it.

There is only 1 remaining cobweb that lets you "faze"

There is a weird door thing on the third floor. Can't open this half.

You can buy multiple recipes from the alchemst despite having it already.

You can "use" the recipes in the Key Item menu though they do nothing and the game doesn't let you waste them like that.

The cobweb

Weird door

Thank you! Some of these are odd bugs I thought I fixed. Currently in the middle of Mothers Day and family time, but when I get back to my desk, I'll burn the midnight oil, and fix these, and release the patched version shortly.

Maybe just forgot to copy over the files from your version to this one cause it has been so long?


I'm gonna go over all of it. I could be wrong, and just missed the bugs. I'll double check everything to make sure. I'll keep things updated as soon as I have it figured out.Again, I could have derped and just missed them.