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Ah, I dont really sure Kynseed is 4 direction or 8 direction game so it my bad to report missing animation that may not neccessary but the game movement was so smooth and fluid that the first time I look at it I was mistaking the game was a high quality 3D game until I look into the game files :p

Another suggestion is that I hope you guys can move the radial menu from bottom right to middle so it easier to see and choose a different control scheme for it since having to hold the number key and use A/D to select items may make some user feel less comfortable. You can check out the weapon radial menu of Grand Thief Auto 5.

Automate action not needed in my option since most people want to feel like they are the farmer in game but if you allow say hiring town folks to do some action for you or offer offering to the magic stone to help you to do some work.

Another thing is that you should limit yourself from using message box that could break the game flow like poorly made farming simulation game on Android app store (one of them is Pocket Farm from Kairosoft game) but instead use something similar to Windows 10 Action center.

I will keep a closer eye on this game. So much potential and it may over shadow Fallout one day. Good luck! I hope that I will be able to purchase your game on Itch IO and on Steam soon!!