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I loved this game, I bought it yesterday and finished it today.  Please make more games!  But...  it still has the level 88 bug in it.  Also, I was wondering if we could get the TAP file in the digital download too?  It would be nice!

Finished in a day? Wow!

Sorry about the bug, it is fixed in the deluxe version. I’ll release a new build on here this week.

 By tap do you mean toy want the loading screen and tunes etc.? I don’t really have access to those assets, they’re the publishers.


Yes, I did the first 80 levels in the first night, then did the last 20 the next day!

Great news to hear that the bug is being fixed.  Yes, I meant the full tape-loading experience.  It's a shame to miss it, but I understand.

Wow, impressive. You clearly have a knack for the game!