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I believe that whoever tries to bring you down is nothing more than an insecure person that isn't brave enough to own up to the fact that you were strong enough to take action and make something that you enjoyed making and made other people enjoy! Its always hard to have to see creative people have their beautiful work be hated upon especially when they have to deal with trolls that just want to make others feel bad about something that give other people a sense of joy or even a sense of connection to the creator's work. It can leave a huge strain on a person to have to put their heart out there and even more so to be able to keep working on it but that doesn't mean that there aren't people out here rooting for you to be able to do what you love and only what makes you happy. Creativity is based on a person's own enjoyment and inventive way of expression to their intended goal for their project and having the confidence to stand by it is even more noteworthy of you. The things people create are goals and achievements of one's own ambitions/confidence and no one can never take that away from you. The person who bashed on you just don't understand that their opinion doesn't matter but the main question for yourself is "does this goal matter to you? did you enjoy making this with all of your hard work and determination? did you enjoy yourself feeling accomplished knowing you did something you thought you'd never do?".  Having to have validation aside from yourself isn't what makes these things beautiful but knowing that you could feel it from yourself is the greatest reward. From someone that just wants to say hurtful things isn't really doing anything to help you but only to hate what they are afraid to do themselves knowing what you achieved for yourself.  So don't think of that mean grouch they're just a coward that wants to say or do something to cause a scene out of you just for their own sick pleasure. Everyone that enjoys your work actually come to respect your work and understand that you had to deal with the pain of having to feel like your work doesn't matter but it does matter! You're a strong person and worthy of your work , so please don't let others sway you to think it isn't good enough, it should be more along the lines that they aren't worthy of your work especially if they can't be civil about it.  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


Everyone on here is so sweet T-T. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means the world to me that people are caring enough to take a little time out of their day to say the nicest things to me. I'm really grateful :)