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So, this is not just a Carly Rae Jepsen concept ttrpg, but it's one of multiple Carly Rae Jepsen ttrpgs, and I'm completely on board.

It's two players, it has the potential to get messy, and you need the album E•MO•TION as a randomizer, but if you pitch the game concept to a friend and their first reaction is "hahaha yes", you're probably good to go.

Gameplay-wise, you're both going through a series of scenes/trolley-problems, regaining a piece of your identity each time. It's diceless, and the idea of re-collecting yourself as progression is cool. There's also a distinct feel to the setting and an expansion that adds to the metaplot.

Honestly, I think the only thing I would change here is maybe house-ruling that you can hear the corresponding song in the background of each scene, only tinny and distant and kind of subliminal.

If you like surreal games, or you want to read something that should probably be a joke game except it's super well designed, or you like small-scope emotion-and-character-focused stuff, definitely check this out.

If you're uneasy with two-player games, you don't feel comfortable with safety mechanics, or you need crunch, this may not be your thing.

Overall, I'd recommend this on its premise alone, but its writing and execution are excellent as well, and it's a really cool read.