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haha, I just heard about the game and at the moment it says this post was made 5 hours ago, is update three the one that you are referring to 'Well it is definitely update time' or is update 4 coming out in a few hours, I'm on Mac.

No idea, but I have a problem that he said he was going to try and fix before making the new update live. But I think that the demo #4 should be out soon with these features.

Ok, I do believe that this is the new update he was talking about. I'm not sure, however, because the Windows page (on Steam) is the same with no patch notes like here. I may be looking at the wrong thing but I'm not sure. I am on Mac just like you, and I do hope that this new download fixes the issue I have with the game. (The issue being that you can't press any of the buttons on the start screen, so I can't play past the menu :( Hopefully this update fixes all of that.