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Amazing demo, shows some real promise! I especially like the water/wave effects and the pixel-based lighting solution you have in the cave areas - a very technically sound game!

My only criticism of it so far is that it's difficult to tell when you've picked up a health pickup - I thought my character was on his last legs but I somehow got almost full health back?

Regardless, I'll be backing this - let's make it happen!

Thanks TinyGoose! I definitely want to redesign the health pickup and the feathers. I simply haven't planned what design they will have, so left them as gems for now. Perhaps added special effects on the interface will help identify when health is added.

The Phoenix Tear perk is especially subtle when it is auto-activated. This needs a bit of work to show that the perk has been consumed.

Fair enough, I expected that as it's only an early demo (though it's really polished for an early demo!). I'd probably add an effect a bit like Ratchet & Clank or Crash Bandicoot where the pickup flies towards your heart meter with some special effects - but it's your game so do what fits best, heh :)

Looking forward to seeing your progress!