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Dear ViproXX, I cannot adequately express my regret at having released a build with such errors. I am working right now on fixing the issue and I expect to publish fixes TODAY, since, immediately after reading your post, I got to work on finding what was causing the issues. In the main, they affect only people without an existing save file, and it was an oversight of me not to test the most recent builds without a save file.

You are quite right, it is unacceptable! Of course a refund is in order. But for taking the time to report these bugs as you have done, so that I can fix them and prevent other people from encountering them (I'm just one guy, I don't have the benefit of full-time bug testers), I hope that you will accept a Steam key so that not only do you have a refund, but are also able to enjoy the game for free when the update is delivered today. Otherwise, I can only offer my apology, which I personally feel doesn't quite cut the mustard.

Please send an email to so that I can give you a Steam key, although, for the lack of private messaging options I would also have to check on here that the address is correct.

Again, it is to my personal shame that bugs like the ones you report were overlooked. I hope you will accept my apologies for getting it wrong, my thanks for *telling* me about the problems, and my offer of a free copy.

I am testing fixes even as I have been writing this message.



Edit: just to say that the fixed version is now published to both Itch and Steam.