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I can't do it, I don't know much about computers and I don't know how to deal with .bat files if it were possible I would like you to do a step by step tutorial on how to make games.

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I'll try to go into more detail:

  1. Download the Dolmexica Infinite Make-your-own-game kit for Dreamcast
  2. Extract it to a folder. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will assume the kit is under C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit
  3. Open the command prompt. Tthe command prompt is opened like any other program. Under windows 10, you would hit the windows key, enter command prompt and then select the program. The only issue here could be that the command prompt is called differently in different languages, for example, the German version is called Eingabeaufforderung. If all else fails, you can press the windows key + R and then enter cmd in the window that pops up.


4.  Next, you change the directory to the place where the dreamcastkit is by entering cd C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit (this should be the folder where your make_cdi.bat is, if you have it somewhere else). If there are spaces in your path, you have to add "" around your path, like cd "C:\dolmexica\dreamcastkit"

The tutorial was too long, so I have to split it into multiple parts, it will continue below.

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5. This is where the command I mentioned before comes in. If you now type make_cdi.bat CD_NAME CdiName, a CDI will be created based on the files in the assets folder. Modifying the assets works analogously to how it works in Mugen, here is a good tutorial on that: . There are things to remember when making games for the Dreamcast, most importantly the memory limits. The Dreamcast has very limited memory compared to modern computers, so make sure to pick characters that fit. From my experience, characters with a 5MB sprite file represent the very upper limit of what you should put in. I'd probably go with 4MB as an upper limit to be sure, since there are also other factors, like the size of the statemachine playing in. Finally, you have to make sure your CD_NAME is not too long. If that is too long, the creation of the CDI will fail. That being said, the command should look something like this (replace CD_NAME and CdiName with the name you want your CD to have and the name you want the output cdi to have respectively):

Once again, I had to split it up, the next steps are in the next comment.

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5. (continued)

This will start the cdi creation process, which will look something like this:

(Will be continued, itch really doesn't like large images)

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5. (continued): This will also create a CdiName.cdi in the dreamcastkit folder, this is what it looks like in the example:

6. The final step is burning the CDI to a disc. This works like with all other Dreamcast cdi images if you have experience with that. For burning those, you generally use Padus Discjuggler. The trial version is available here: . It supports everything you need to burn CDs, so that can be used. The Padus site seems to be timing out right now, so I'd like to mention that an alternative to Discjuggler is ImgBurn ( which also supports CDI files. I can't give an in-depth tutorial for that since I have never used it though, so the tutorial will continue with Discjuggler.

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7. After clicking away the various messages, click the New symbol in the upper left corner:

8. Select Burn disc image from the list that comes up:


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9. Click on the source button to select the CDI you want to burn.

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9. (continued): After selecting the CDI you created earlier, it should look something like this:

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10. The final step is starting the burning process. Make sure you have inserted a blank CD-R in your drive and press the Start button. It is greyed out in the image because I don't have a blank CD-R right now, but in your case it should be clickable:

It is generally a good idea to set the writing speed as slow as possible to avoid disc errors.

11. Wait until the burning has finished and put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If everything works out, you should see a little message on the licensed by Sega screen and the game will start afterwards.

That was pretty much as in-detail as I could make it, I hope it helps!

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Great, it deleted most of my images. Will fix real quick.

Edit: Done fixing the images, I never knew how terrible the itch commenting stuff could be. Will probably change this comment section to forum-style with the next demo.