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The story, the characters, the art, the mystery...WOW! Seriously, great work!!! Everything was really believable and I was hooked from start to finish...and I'm not even a fan of bara or yaoi! xD

I only noticed two, meaningless, little technical mistakes (...I think?) :

1)In the frame of the game window, you forgot to remove "demo" after the game title

2)I can't seem to get the perfect ending no matter what combination I try, and I'm fairly sure I tried all of them...can it be some variable left unchecked in the script?

Hope this can help :) I really, really enjoyed this game...keep up the hard work!

Hey ScratchThatItch, I'm so pleased that you loved the game especially since you aren't particularly into BL/gay themed games. Speaks volumes of the powers of the dedication that went into this project. I thought this game would be polarizing but overall it's been received pretty well! As for the mistakes thank you for finding them, I know Itch has a way of patching games for small mistakes like this (I'll have to figure out how).

Most of the other endings have multiple ways to reach them, however the Perfect Ending has only 1 specific way to be achieved. I can tell you how if you'd like to leave a way for me to contact you. Or you can email me directly here: soulsoftea@gmail.com and I can respond there. Once again thank you for all your kind words and support! :)

PS. Did you have a fav character btw?

Thank you so much for your reply :)

I'll send you a mail then - also to prevent spoilers