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The main advice for anyone starting out is to take your idea, cut it in half, then cut it in half again (and maybe once more for good measure). Making games can take a long time and it's very very easy to underestimate that when starting out. Also don't be afraid to use tools and assets out there. You might have the same sprites or 3D model as someone else but it's how you use it, the gameplay, and your story that will make it stand out.

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Thanks!  That lines up with Extra Credits' video about "Minimum Viable Product," and I'll try to bear that in mind while I get started.

Also, just noticed that you're from the Pacific Northwest -- sweet!  Always nice to connect with creators from the same area.  Maybe sometime I'll see some local plant life in your games (madronas?).  Stardew Valley's creator is also from around here (I found out yesterday), and he added salmonberries to SDV ^_^