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It's rare I comment, so when I say this is worth your time and money, I mean it. For me, this was essentially a dark space/fantasy focused version of what I really wanted the game "Fiasco" to be.

Super short summary: Played with 2x others via zoom and shared google doc. Used tarot cards and played spooky jupiter sounds via youtube. Broke time and space in under 2 hours of AP. 11/10. Will horribly maim and discororate explorers again.

Why so good?

  • Barrier to entry is really low. Deck of cards, booklet, and journal.
  • Rules are concise, unintimidating, and don't intrude on gameplay.
  • Playtime is (probably) between 1-3 hours. On par with watching a long movie with popcorn break.
  • The mechanics and prompts try to keep things moving and on-theme.
  • The mechanics and prompts are juuust open ended enough to allow creativity without the paralyzing "sandbox" effect of having to improvise every single thing ever.
  • Drawing cards and adding the "disaster" decks as you play add a satisfying tactile tension.

Other thoughts...

Not sure how much replay value solo. At least a few plays.
You gotta want to see bad things happen to get the most out of this.
Our session reminded me of the movie "Prometheus" but with less stupid and more oppressive pseudo-science space religion.