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uhh, I am getting a weird error when I try and play. If I try to lauch via the itch app, the game just immediately closes. If I navigate to the folder, and then manually double click on the game, I get an app store popup that says "TADF_Mac_OSX_2" was purched using the app store on another computer and I need to sign in with the Apple ID and password that was used to purchase it. - I bought the game through the bundle for racial justice and equality on itch, so, not the app shop. It doesn't even seem to be on the app store that I can see?  


Also, the way it says "sign into" seems wrong. like its not really a genuine app store thing. but my apple ID that was autofilled was correct. So. Weird. 

hey! oh no, super weird, thanks for flagging. The game isn't on apple's app store at all so am concerned about what's happening there. the screenshot link isn't working for me. could you send it and any other details over to me? 

got a look at the screenshot, worked on the itch app not in browser, the integration of the two is shoddy. Deffo shady, "sign into", don't go any further on that route, maybe a replication of this thing that happened because of expired security certificates in 2015...

am pulling the mac version, I think this is to do with the way I put it together (without knowing about the new notarization process and how unnotarized apps run poorly) potentially calling the thing above, that seems to happen with expired security certificates? the spelling thing either seems like them not double checking ur OS' version of this error message being called, or someone intercepting the unnotarized app. Apologies, and thanks for notifying.