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1. Did you enjoy it overall?

OMG YES!! I usually don't like playing as more uptight girls like Lilie, but turns out I loved her! Also, Aldrich is precious asf.

2. What was your favorite part?

Idk why but I really liked when Lilie (SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO HASNT PLAYED YET!) finds Aldrich about to kill himself because of the noble lady and everything that goes down from there.

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

You could tell when parts were meant to be funny and when parts where meant to be funny and it didn't come off as jumpy at all.

4. Who is your favorite character?

ALDRICHHH I love that precious lil boi but i'm also curious about Lucy and Santana

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

I didn't really have anyone in mind tbh but I ended up getting with Aldrich (at least I think by the way him and Lilie acted towards each other.. It seemed like he had a lil crush on her) and I love them together !! it wasn't super hard to romance them at all and their interactions were 11/10 sweet

Ahh, I'm so glad you ended up liking Lilie! She's a lot of fun to write. I was sort of worried about that scene in chapter two, because it's definitely a tone shift, so it makes me happy to hear it's your favorite. ;u; Thank you so much for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed! Aldrich is definitely one of my favorites too, especially in his more serious moments (although his jokes are great). I hope you like chapter 3 just as much!