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I backed this on Kickstarter (don't remember how I first discovered it but I'm so glad I did) and just ran it for the first time. Our regular GM needed to take a week off so I decided to fill in with A Wizard, using the One Shot World system. I had a group of 4 willing victims adventurers, most of whom were new to the system and one who was new to TTRPGs entirely. 

I loved it and only heard good things from the players! There were so many cries of "Gross," "Oh God, no" and "Why is it sticky?!" I especially loved the brief but evocative descriptions, using all the senses, and how it turned their expectations on their heads. Nothing was safe, they avoided the actual treasures I offered, ran away from the keys, and yet they kept opening the next door into the next set of horrors. I was so excited to share the art with them every time there was a reveal. I wish I had more time than a single session but I will definitely be running it again when I have a fresh audience.

Thank you for the well crafted evening of unpleasantness and the inspiration for future wizards in pointy hats.



Thank you for the lovely review! Happy to terrify players.