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Shit, I'm asexual and I have OCD. The "familiar itch", the part where you wash your hands to the point where it hurts, the point where your skin gets red, you still feel dirty, you having to change the sheets, taking off the ring and it being dirty for weeks... God that hit so close to home for me. I've had red, dry, cracked hands for years, and I remember many times where hand sanitizer would burn like hell but I sucked it up because I was "dirty". I had these red spots on my arms from washing them too much. I've gotten much better with it and now I have mostly normal hands, but I knew exactly what you were saying. I also completely get that "itch". I get this weird sensation of feeling dirty and the urge to wash my hands.

Fantastic job.


i'm really glad it was meaningful to you. ocd is a really weird set of experiences that few people understand, so it really feels good when someone gets it. i'm glad to hear you're doing better, i am too. it's very treatable if you know where to look. thank you for playing!! :)