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Hey, so this game looks really cool, but......there are a few things I want to mention.

So first off, I enjoy the computer voice, it sounds amazing. I have however found a few glitches, which you may or may not already know about.

1. Sometimes you can clip through edges. Not to where you can get stuck but when the camera goes through an object, It can be hard to see where you are going.

2. On the tutorial level when it first talks about jumping to get to a ledge, I'm assuming you need to climb the staircase like formations on the sides. However, if you just run straight forward, the game thinks that you have fallen from the above area and places you back so you can try again to do the dash jump.

3. After I got the first weapon, I wasn't sure where to go. so maybe add some signs or something, or maybe I was just being stupid. Anyway, once I did figure it out I missed the jump and fell but it didn't reset me back at the top and instead kept me down there.

4. Hitting 'G' to restart the level crashes the game for me.

Really though. I enjoy the game, and these are small glitches, and doesn't make the game unplayable. looking forward to the full release.

Oh man, I went to reply to your message and hit "ban" instead of "reply" on accident. THAT would have been bad.


Alrighty, thanks so much for the feedback! I have added a ton of signs to the game to direct the player in the right direction this time around. I also changed the teleporters around as well, so that might clear up some confusion. Clipping through edges is still a work in progress, but I will definitely take a look at it soon. Most likely the next update will eliminate a good amount of those issues.

I am about to update the game now, so maybe try again in an hour or so? Thanks for the feedback Satan! Never thought I would say those words.