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Hello I'm having problems with the Tomato Jones 2 demo. After I press start new game, the game freezes, no error or anything. I have to click the mouse to get the not responding message so I can close it. I tried to find the launcher.bat file on the system folder but there's no launcher.bat file there :(

Edit. I noticed something. If I run tomatojones2.exe as Administrator, when I click on start new game, I manage to reach the world map, but when I click on the first level, the game freezes again.

The odd thing is that Tomato Jones 1 runs flawlessly on my PC (3Ghz. Core i5 Quad Core with Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, 2GB Radeon R7 240 graphics card and 4GB Ram).

It seems permissions have something to do with the issue or something related to it

Edit 3: Got some advance! I copied Launcher.bat from Tomato Jones 1 to the Tomato Jones 2 demo folder and I managed to play level 1. I even managed to make the continue game option to work, but I couldn't load level 2, it got stuck on the loading screen.

Edit 4: After a few tries I managed to load level 2. I noticed that if I click on the number 2 before the world map gets fully illuminated, it seems to load the levels. This issue is pretty odd if you ask me seeing it doesn't happens with the first game.

Hope this can help a bit to locate what is causing this issue n.n

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Hello, start the game --> open options window --> under video options switch OFF "Outlines" and "Bloom".
The freezing happens with some ati cards and this two filters switched on.
"Behind the scene" TJ2 is quite different than TJ1. I still need to fix and clear some bugs here and there.

Outlines was already off by default, just switched off Bloom, I manage to play but when pausing the game on a level and tried to go back to the main menu, the game froze.

Ah well, at least I managed to play the 10 levels so it is more than enough :3

I already finished Tomato Jones 1 by the way. Quite challenging game, just like the old school games I love to play :)

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Thank you! I'll try to fix those issues with TJ2 before the official release and thank you for the support and testing.