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Eeeh, not really, no. As far as genres go:

Otome = GxB, targeted at women. Yaoi (Boys Love, BL) = BxB, targeted at women (the whole "durhuur, boy on boy is hawt" thing). Bishojo = BxG, targeted at men. Yuri (Girls Love, GL= GxG, targeted at men (ultimately, the whole "durhuur, girl on girl is hawt" thing) Yuri did originate in female-targeted fiction, maaaaany many years ago, but for decades (and to this day) men are the target demographic. Bara (Mens Love, ML) = MxM, targeted at men.

There are further sub genres of each of these listed, but these are the basics.

All that said, nothing prevents anyone outside the target demos from reading/playing whatever they wish, but I'm kind of tired of people using terms incorrectly, and this really should be flagged as yaoi, if anything.