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Hey, I really enjoyed this one! One thing I liked about it was that it felt kinda alive - things like the Palfly meant that rather than just a direct progression of ability to ability it sometimes felt like you were losing stuff too. I liked that the PH blocks were sort of a trick and not actually the next item.

Having the two different jumps, one of which is usually too short and one of which is usually too tall, was really nifty and helped it stand out for me. There were a good number of novel feeling platforming areas here which is really cool given its bite sized nature.

All the references were really cute, I always enjoy seeing reimaginings of things and they managed to feel very unique. Were the eye blobs in the fan area a reference to something?

obj_e_bigchin was good. the spooky cutscene was tense but funny haha

Really enjoyed the music in the Dark. I loved how the Bio area's fog and graphics were designed to make it kinda tough to figure out what was dangerous - it definitely added to the ominous vibe. It looked great, and ended with a cool fight! Poor Palfly though.

Nifty idea on the final segment! I was really expecting one last part and was a bit thankful when there wasn't one, hahah.

Thanks for the save point signs.