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It's good! The 2d characters against 3d background is charming, so I will send a private message to the developer later on specific things. If the screenshots didn't tell, it's a beat-em-up genre. 

My biggest issue is being unable to do a throw, and I assume to dodge, an enemy needs to be attacking first (pressing L didn't do anything). Still, the game was fun enough, even with only the regular J,J,J,J combo and Kick > Jump > Attack combo. I rarely used Guard but it's probably neccesary when the game gives you a lot of both melee and ranged enemy (I quit around that part).

If you like beat-em-ups, this demo version is worth trying, even for the graphic appeal alone. 

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Thank you for your feedback. You must first acquire Dodge. I'll add some tutorial about that.

Hm that's interesting! I might try it later, if it's acquired early. I played for around 30 minutes and afraid I missed the unlock somehow