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Just a possible explanation, but I notice you've used a comma where you've written "5,00" in your post. Perhaps you did that when you were filling the price in? It's a bit of a leap, but am I correct in thinking English isn't your first language?

The reason I ask is because I know a lot of languages use a comma as a decimal point. In English we use a full stop to write the decimal point and commas are used as the separator every thousand in large numbers (i.e. $5,000,000 is five million dollars). 

But that separator has no actual mathematical meaning and is probably ignored by computers, so writing $5,00 is the same as writing $500 rather than $5.00. 

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Yeah, I'm from the Netherlands. I suspected this was indeed what had gone wrong. I was confused though, since the website itself used commas for me, so I only followed suit. Oh well, it was just a misunderstanding and hopefully it gets resolved soon.


Can you tell me what locale your browser is set to (and what browser you’re using), we’re trying to identify this bug so others don’t get caught in it.


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I'm using Google Chrome on mobile, set to the Netherlands. Hopefully this helps.