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hi, attempting to run either (x86/_64) version of the game on Linux crashes before anything really starts. the input/graphics window is shown, after you begin there's a black window then it crashes:

Importing game controller configs

Aborted (core dumped)

oof itch said there was an error adding the comment, sorry for the duplicate

Sorry to hear about that! I'd say the issue is localized because it's working in all other cases where it's been tested. I've never used Linux before so I don't know how you might be able to approach troubleshooting on your own. Unfortunately this is one of the many drawbacks of being a one person operation. I wish I had more resources to help!

Try looking up similar crashes with Unity and Linux online to see if anything comes up. I wish you luck!

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looking into it again, it ran fine once; the actual error is an assert in xcb

don't know what unity can do to help ... i'm able and willing to run new builds if something comes up

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managed to find the unity error log

it happens when setting the cursor

Hey there! I snipped out that error stuff you posted after reading it through. It looks a little ugly on this page don't you think? Maybe next time you can send it to me in some other form like a message on tumblr or even after hosting it somewhere online first and sharing the link.

Anyway, I'm glad you are willing to do tests for me. Send me a message on tumblr and we can figure something out. I feel like I know what's going on there and can correct it if you are availible for corispondance!