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Hey. Thanks for the comment!

You're right, Longswords don't work and I've not thought about it, which feels pretty weird to me right now. And descontinue is right. Make them swallow explosive barrels, use the blades and a third alternative is one of the secret weapons that can damage sandworms.

The idea with the info tablet is actually very good. But then again, from the people I've seen playing nobody actually read any tablets and most skip dialogue completely, even if it's just one sentence. Sometimes people read a sentence out loud and are confused tho they just read the answer to their problem. I'm struggling a bit right now with making things more clear, it's an interesting experience. v1.0.2 tackles some of those problems.

I was just looking at the dialogue after defeating Gibor and it says "Also try placing them near a locked gate".

I would have thought that hint is enough, since the gate above the arena is the first one that the player sees that has a lock attached. And it's also a new kind of door (different look). This is exactly what I meant with struggling. I could indeed say "Blow up the gate with mines", but wanted the player to think a bit. I'll see if I can think of another solution.