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I had a great time playing Chiron's Doom as part of the Sandy Pug Game Awards exchange. If anyone is interested in a preview of how the game works, I live tweeted it over here:

Plenty of interesting prompts which still leave room to play the game in various genres. My play through was fantasy/fairy tale inspired, but I know others have played in a modern day or sci-fi setting. That also gives you some extra replayability that I find some other solo TTRPGs don't have. Only criticism would be that due to the way the prompts work you can get some big events rather suddenly, such as the King cards which represent character deaths. Still, it's easy enough to modify the rules to your own taste, so that's not a big issue. Plus the random death of John of House Smith (who died before I had the chance to give him a proper name) ended up being pretty funny. All in all, very much worth the purchase price for the entertainment you get out of it.