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(I'm currently going through all the games in the Racial Equality bundle and beating them if possible, in order to review them for all the people I've known that purchased it)

I have so far gotten a couple seals and am working my way through the game. The music is good and the art varies in quality but is generally fine to good, it can be a little hard to decipher what is what sometimes. The story has so far been simply present.

Much more of the development time should have been spent on polishing the controls than lengthening the game. A short and sweet experience is always better than a longer, blander one. 

As the controls are, they're quite clunky. This is the biggest problem. The space between the character and the weapon is quite large, and the hitbox around the character feels blocky and unwieldy. There could be a bit more give between it and the environment/enemies. The movement and attack speed are rather slow for an action game, healing required a lot of button presses (I know it is a zelda-like, but we can make improvements on old formulas) and that can make things drag on sometimes.

The skills are there to make something successful. I hope they will consider making the controls as polished as possible before investing into making a full game around them in the future.