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Hi, I bought this with the Bundle for Racial Justice, but when I try to download it, it's a single blank page of a PDF (both versions). Help?

That's odd! If you give me your email I'll send you a copy.

Is there a way to DM it, or do I have to post it publicly?

oh, if you sign in, and click the email they send you to confirm, there will be a giant list of all the games you bought that it takes you to. i had the same issue, but when i logged into it worked out fin

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I have been seeing that, except I'm logged in and was downloading from the bundle page, which has worked for everything else so far. I'm on Mac, if that makes any difference, but I don't see how it would. Just tested it on a PC, still shows up 'blank'.

You can email me at and I'll get you sorted.

The page "builds" - or put another way, the PDF is not just text. Perhaps your PDF reader (or browser plug in) isn't showing you the final results? Works fine with Foxit for Windows.