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It was a real shortie; I could only give it an ironic review as to pore deep into it would offend each of your readers who have adopted a very high opinion of it. Kratzen gave it three stars, the “good” rating, because it is good, and you clearly know how to make a thing such.

I don’t believe this is a dry well; but after two years and with interest waning, you’ll have to work harder to earn another hit. Here’s my advice to you. You’re in a rare spot where you are not an expert and barely an amateur, so for other developers, you can do an extraordinary job of teaching them the struggles of where you are now.

Make as many development logs and post-mortems as you can, but do it on a respectable website like Gamasutra. Tumblr and Twitter are dead on arrival for developers. Build a legacy, and keep hustling. Basic stuff. But you know how few developers do this, eh?