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Daym this still going? Look mate, obviously you don't make that much if you can't afford $2. I myself can't anymore cause I spent some money on other stuff but that's besides the point. But anyways, you tell us to look up your name without knowing what it is. So please, tell us what to look up. Hope to be hearing from you soon. Good day, and remember, wash your hands!

kid i do make mallion doller a year my name is not of your cousein so stfu i do make money ok chicken nugget 

Actually, your name is of my concern because you told us to look it up to confirm that you are a REAL estate agent that makes MILLIONS and refuse to give us anything to look up. Case, dismissed.

just stop kid i collct games i make not a millon but i do make 55000k a year give or take cuse covid 19