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Just finished the demo, I have to say that the art is amazing, I also really loved the storyline and the backround music fits perfectly,keep up the good work:)

Question Time:

1:Is it going to be free?

2:if not,how much will it cost?

3:Release date?

Much love xoxo

Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! The music probably won't stay exactly the same but we're planning on working with the same composer whose music we're currently using so we're hoping it has the same sort of feel to it even if the melodies are a bit different. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, we're planning for this to be a commercial release.

2. Probably no more than $20

3. Hopefully in the fourth quarter of 2017! Now that our kickstarter has funded, we should be able to move ahead a bit faster with the remaining development so our goal is to release by the end of the year. But that is just an loose estimate right now.