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Much more fun than the earlier version. I have more or less forgotten what it looked like though, but IIRC the attacks were punches and ranged attacks... the latter wasn't quite fun and in this newer version it's replaced with wave attack and uppercut. It seems indeed the newer attack fits the character way better.

That boss fight tho T_T

T'was very tough...

But I did it...


...or so I thought until I was slapped with the "end of demo 2.0" dialogue -- I kind of thought it would have a little bit more; esp. considering what you made in just two weeks a month ago XD


Thanks for checking out the update! Glad you were able to beat the boss. I'm getting mixed messages on that one, either too easy or too hard. I'll probably rework it a little for the next update.

I think I was actually a little more drained from the Magical Girl Jam then I realized. I did a lot of back-end work this time around, which has built out the framework,  but doesn't seem all that impressive when you play. That kind of work feels a bit less motivating, even though it's important.

Also, this project has a curse, whenever I pick it up, I suddenly get tons of freelance work! Not a bad thing actually, but seeing as I also work a 9-5, this really limits my extra time. (I STILL haven't been able to finish Magia Record ;-; )

Ah well, hope to see you back for V 3.0, when I find the time to make it! Haha.