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Just signed up for to be able to comment on your game! Compound is absolutely awesome and I'm excited to see the demo now on Steam! I have a few suggestions and ideas if you would like to hear them. :)

  • Add tabs to the front of both sides (ambidextrous) of the SMG or the SMG mag, that you have to grab and pull back to 'strip' the mag casing off, behaving like how someone would pull back a bolt. The 'ping' is awesome, but just pressing a button feels flat compared to actually interacting with the firearm.
  • Perhaps this could be added to the pistol as well, actually having to pull back the slide to manually let it cool instead of just pressing a button.
  • Having the firearms be more intractable can free up buttons for other controls in the future if they become necessary.
  • The AI should be able to patrol a path or even wander, this could allow for future stealth gameplay and strategies.
  • AI soldiers should be able to retreat and take cover, it's very easy to lead them around a corner and shoot them one by one.
  • Have a melee weapon, like a knife for back-stabs.

I honestly think you could (and should) charge at least $5 for this game and I'm ready to buy it once a Steam release happens!

I'll be experimenting with new weapons and weapon mechanics soon and I'll try out your suggestions.

I really would like more realistic weapon interactions, but at the same time I don't want to disrupt the flow of the game. It's a really hard balance!

I was thinking of eventually adding melee stealth attacks like neck snapping for humans and wire-pulling for robots but that might be a while off for now.

Thanks for the comments and feedback!!