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Hi. my game just keeps closing on me. all the time it crashes randomly. can you try to fix this or give me tips to try to fix it myself. Thanks

Hi, happy to help.

Are you running the latest build (170318-0608)?

Does it crash mainly on one screen? Like the shipyards? or Combat?

And what are the specs of your computer?

Its a laptop. Dell Latitude 3350. it just crashes whenever

Hmm, thanks. That should be more than enough in specs. Can you tell me where the zip is extracted to? It may be a permissions issue or something similar. You could try extracting it straight to the C: drive and see if it works.

i download the games directly from the itch.io app. i dont know where the zip goes. sorry

Ohh! Thanks, I've never tried it through the itch.io app, maybe I can hunt down the crash through that.

I just uploaded a new version that should log the reason for crashing. If you could try it and after a crash, post or email me the contents of %APPDATA%\itch\apps\Starship Command 2\crash.log I should be able to figure out why it's not working.