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I appreciate the feedback, I'm guessing that you can probably tell that this is the first game that I have made. I think you're right about a lot of what you said and I plan on fixing a lot of these issues in a future update. I wanted to make the game challenging and not punishing because like you said video games were created to be enjoyed but it seems like I missed the mark. For the movement I followed a fairly simple YouTube tutorial that I think was a good starting point but not a good final product. I'll do some more research or in other words watch more YouTube videos on how to improve the movement system. On level 2 you can actually jump on all of the platforms without bouncing off the enemies some of them are just very hard to do. But once again I think I made it too hard and should add something to make it a little easier. I also need to do a better job at making things more clear for the player so they know what there supposed to do. Once again I appreciate the rant and I will try to make the game more enjoyable.