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The game is frustrating. Here's why:

1. The game is too punishing. There were many moments where I lost my lives in, say, level 3 and had to restart from the beginning. It's frustrating and adds no challenge whatsoever. If anything, just reset the enemies you've defeated for that level. That way, one won't have to get angry and put the game down or even delete it just because you won't let them progress.

2. The movement is just awful. Are you using forcemode impulse or something? If so, there are many tutorials on how to make an easy platformer movement system on YouTube. If you want to keep it as it is, them maybe implement something like a fastfall mechanic where is you press down, the character loses all horizontal momentum and falls quickly.

3. Lack of control over jump height. In many platformers, the more you hold the jump button, the higher the character jumps. the same goes for less holding.  Again, there are tutorials on YouTube for these things.

4. Level 2. To the left of where you spawn, there is a certain platform that is way too high. I'm sure you're supposed to bounce off of the enemy to get to the platform, but what if one kills the enemy without knowing?  You can lower the platform, or make a bouncepad or spring to gain height or just add a small platform in between.

Of course, you can choose not to listen to my rant, and that's ok, but know that video games were created to be enjoyed.

I appreciate the feedback, I'm guessing that you can probably tell that this is the first game that I have made. I think you're right about a lot of what you said and I plan on fixing a lot of these issues in a future update. I wanted to make the game challenging and not punishing because like you said video games were created to be enjoyed but it seems like I missed the mark. For the movement I followed a fairly simple YouTube tutorial that I think was a good starting point but not a good final product. I'll do some more research or in other words watch more YouTube videos on how to improve the movement system. On level 2 you can actually jump on all of the platforms without bouncing off the enemies some of them are just very hard to do. But once again I think I made it too hard and should add something to make it a little easier. I also need to do a better job at making things more clear for the player so they know what there supposed to do. Once again I appreciate the rant and I will try to make the game more enjoyable.