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((oh man i rarely more like never leave comments on the pages of the visual novels i play but welp))

i just gotta say that i love y'all so much. i love your game in all its heartbreaking glory. ;~; all of the characters and routes and their endings are beautiful (even the bad ones, and trust me, i've done all 5 of them and i think my heart broke into a million pieces 5 times). how do you expect me to get over this immediately :'(

i'd love to support you more through tipping (and buying the fandisk in the future ahhhh) but being a broke college student sucks big time i hate it :(( for now, i'll settle with sharing this game and sending y'all love through teh internetz~ ^-^ until your next game <3

Hi! Sorry for breaking your heart, but before we released the game, our hearts broke first 😅.

Thank you so much for the kind words. We're happy that you had fun playing our game. And your help with promoting CP will be greatly appreciated. :)