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yes .. i like help long time creators and dev … this real videogame … today big lobby videogame have control mind teen for control … look alwasy shit fortnite… this big problem … teen play only fortnite … no look indie game ..  THIS NO GOOD … look new song statix… this video is creepy ...sing is dead long time … i think this ghost sing ;D and miss this sing

truueee ,the children do not experience they go to the easy, fortnite roll, the same happens to us with the metal and a lot of good music in general, the Good in tha future is dead with us ,queeeen  -_-

mortola kombat make new dlc with robocop big troll with terminetor ahahah loco  ...GRAZIE TU SCRIVE BELLE COSE PER ME :*

te lo meriti piuttosto, robocop vs terminator in quanto non ci è venuto in mente ??? hahahahah

bravo scrivi bene in italiano! :D time for ispiration my bro voooddooo :D look this video old vitange …  lol

holy shit ,old school random hahahhaha ,graxie zizter ,Is it because of my hobby of making protagonists girls? *____*  I don't like the typical big man


yeahhhh … BIG MAN  loop for lobby game … now new era and girl need big power :D … idea new game for summer … funny idea..look this video retro .--- BIKINI RUMBLE ..this title game ahah :D i think fun for summer …  love this video creepy music..korn UP!



yas yas ,love this stetics,i like make a game with this concepts and style ,lov it *____*

oh yes loco bro this scena … 

this momnt is Fuckyeeaaah!