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this game is f##king awesome. the game gets more and more difficult, but the most difficult part for me, was the most fun part. i got stuck at the second bossfight with the swordmachine, but it was still so much fun to try and try again, slowly learning my enemies fun and new attacks. every try i would get just a bit better at dodging him, just a bit better at my positioning, just a bit better at the game. it was so much fun. now having finished the game, i look forward to the full game. It's just good. really good. like unexplainably good. even the trailer on steam got me excited to see new maps, weapons. if you are reading this, and havent played the game, please play it for your own happiness. its really f##king good.


also i didnt say this originally, but every single shot (especially parries) feels SO satisfying! like i would go back to the first level, go to the part where they first show you how to do parries, AND JUST parry everything i could. its just perfectly made. the timing, the animation that plays when you do punch it back is just a breath of satisfaction. everytime id go around a corner, charging up a bomb with the shotgun, just in case an enemy is there, i see like 5 enemies running towards me, i shoot at them, the explosion with the blood, and the effect it gives you. just straight up dopamine. great game

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ok so i learned, that you can actually parry the attacks of the swordmachine. and thus:

edit: so i learned that if you skip the first bossfight you can actually go to the second one. and thus:

i also have a question about this game, wich is about one of the abilities witht the guns. the revolver wich you can buy, has the ablity to throws coins, but i never knew what it did. i dont think i ever actually used it other than when i bought the gun to check out its abilities.

When you click on the gun in the shop to buy it, there's a piece of text that explains how it works. Basically, if you hit the coin while it's in the air, it will ricochet your shot into the nearest enemy's weakpoint.

ooooohhh thats really cool!

im gonna go do a coin only run