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I really love this game, it was so entertaining and intricate! Kylan is my favorite, but I'm having trouble getting his 3rd ending? I've gotten all the others, but i don't know what to change

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Hi! Thank you very much for playing AIRIS and leaving a comment! We're glad that you enjoyed the game :"D

We currently offer a full walkthrough PDF on our Patreon for $1, but it's by no means necessary to get the endings! I'll give you some detailed tips that should be more than enough to help you get Kylan's 3rd ending ^_^


Try balancing affection points with Kylan and your devotion to the country/protecting its people. Both points need to be at least 50%. In some choice menus, the choices for the two points are mutually exclusive! So try to balance both – alternate so that this time you choose an answer that is sweet to Kylan, but next time you choose an answer that is focused on your guild/country/people.

Additional tip: Focus on affection fully in the last portion of the route (particularly from the prison cell scene onwards). For the first half of the route, do more choices leaning towards being selfless and righteous.

One more thing! Affection points wise, it isn't just about saying the sweet/romantic things to Kylan, but also about trusting him and thinking like he would (hint: what kind of personality does Kylan have? Manipulative and curious)

Hope that helps! :D Do come back if you fail to get the ending still, and I'll give more hints ^^

Thank you again!

Thank you so much for all the tips! I was hoping for help with the 3rd ending though, instead of the 2nd. I completely understand that you can't give me the full walkthrough, but maybe just what I should focus on in terms of affection or selflessness? Thanks again :)

Ah no, that was a typo. Those tips are meant for 3rd ending. I gave them to someone else on Tumblr and they agreed it worked ^^ Sorry for the confusion, but the tips I gave you are definitely right for the 3rd ending. Try it and see! :)