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After trying a whole bunch of roguelikes (including DCSS), this is the one that finally "clicked" for me, and I love it.  The atmosphere created by the sound effects, the tilesets, the AI and the dialogue is great. The game itself plays nice and smooth, with all the usual bits working flawlessly and its own additions fitting in with no issue (e.g. condensing everything down to health and stamina even for mages). I especially liked the various nods to other roguelikes and RPGs, namely the Amulet of Yendor having actual worthwhile stats rather than just being either wearable godmode or an otherwise-useless "you win" object like in several other roguelikes where it appears. Every bit of this game oozes love and dedication put into it, makes me wish I'd heard of it and played it sooner.

Started playing this a couple days ago in release 31, so 32 coming out and adding all these new features today was a pleasant surprise after failing my last attempt at ascension the night before. The sprite bobbing not only looking nice but being customizable is really neat, I left it as is personally but having choices is always good. I also appreciate the quality-of-life features, namely the blue summon healthbars and the info you added to the player handbook at the start (I didn't notice that summon kills gave no XP until I read that bit, whoops).

My first and so far only successful run was today as a gnome mage ("Redingles") with the Natural Leader and Team Spirit perks, coupled with spamming Energy Bolt at the start and then some of the better direct damage spells as I unlocked them. By the end, I was riding a tidal wave of hippo-men and skeletons in plate armor, raining down acid clouds, fireballs, chain lighting and banshee shrieks like nuclear artillery fire  on anything unfortunate enough to have/develop a non-green health bar within view. Ended up ascending by wiping out Mrogna with the above army, some additional figurine/horn summon spam, two elixir clones, hoarded attack wands and a ton of endurance potions to fuel the spellpocalypse. Ended up being a bit overkill, admittedly, but then again so is the process of killing most oversized spiders.

Special mention goes to the fact that you can just drop the starting staff and start punching goblins and kobolds until they explode into gore, provided you have high enough stats plus Health Surge to offset the beating you'll get back at first. Very few games bother to include any consideration for unarmed combat, so having it be a viable gameplay type instead of an unintended dead end is a real treat. Being able to punch everything from common animals/people to ethereal beings until they cease to exist is part of why I played so much Morrowind, after all.

I hope you keep adding more to this game, assuming there's any more room to add anything as it is. Either way, I'm looking forward to punching everything to death solo, one monster at a time, whenever the mood to do another run hits me.

Big thanks for the feedback! 

Sure! After all, since I've already gotten 57 hours of enjoyment out of this game (according to the itch client) so far, it's only fair that I let you know that you made something awesome and say thanks.