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Map Update

The latest bullet to be checked off my todo list was a HUGE SUCCESS. Oh my god I must have been drunk when I wrote the first pass of the map generation. The new version is ~300 lines of code shorter, supports arbitrary room shapes (notice the L shaped corridors that are tightly packed in), and runs faster (mainly by eliminating this bat shit crazy thing it used to do that actually checked for physics colliders where it was attempting to place a room).

All in all this is just SO much better and I'm really excited to work with level generation now. I had been dreading it because I knew I left the code in rough shape after my first pass at it. Now I'm excited to add more rules and logic that will create more interesting dungeons. Bonuses from the new hotness: extra door connections (including redundant ones), having corridors always lead to rooms containing something of interest, preventing corridor-corridor connections (see top left of image), secret rooms, easier HUD map creation, and so much more.