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Hi Tom, I've just tested it on Android. I like your game.
I think you should improve game manager, add lives, there is only one try. Should be more in my opinion.
Starting countdown (3,2,1, go or something) could be a nice idea, so player can be prepared for the action.
Waiting time to start level (loading scene in unity?) is considerably long (more than a 3 seconds on my devices). That is not good.
Game icon is great.
I love pixelart in this game.

Also, how about customizing controls for mobile devices, not everyone likes tilting.

Hi MilosMike,

thanks for your feedback!

On multiple lives: I think it's best to leave it at "permadeath", as it is a high-score based game and not that difficult anyway, when you get the hang of it. Multiple lives would make it even easier and push play time considerably over my targeted 3min goal.

Starting countdown is good, I'll put that on the list.

Load times: Yeah, they are quite a bit longer on Android, there quite a bit of pre-pooling of gameobjects, maybe I can bring the number down a bit. What device are you using?

Controls: Virtual D-Pad is on the roadmap, I got the same feedback from a friend of mine.

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Tom, thanks for your prompt reply,

About lives - got it.
Devices... so far I've tested it on Intel tablet:
Android Jelly Bean 4.2. 1024 x 768 screen, dualcore Saltwell 2 GHz and PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 gpu(that is actualy Intel Atom Z2580 chipset) .1GB RAM

OK, its really depend how you technically implemented the game. Each time I tap 'play again' I have to wait. Can pre-pooling be done just once?
Here is what I did to improve level starting time, most likely you are familiar with all of this. Anyway, let me mention:
- actual game with start menu is one scene in Unity. When user click on start, no loading time.
- I do not use instantiate/destroy. All GameObjects are on the scene, inactive. When needed, just put them to be active (or inactive).

Whatever, cool game. Exactly what I do like playing. A bit of retro, space runner, jumping, firing bullets, avoiding obstacles. Nice GFX. Good job.
It won't be uninstalled. :)

My nick here is actually made out of two words, so you can call me Mike. Just to let you know. :)
Thanks again.

Hi Mike :)

I pool the gameobjects with a plugin called (Path-O-Logical) PoolManager, but I took the easy way and implemented Menu and Game scene seperately, so I'm just restarting the scene, pooling it all again.
I'm a bit worried I'll run into clean-up issues when I try to reuse the same scene, but I think I'll try that soon and see how it goes.

Also thanks for the device specs, good to know if it runs on other devices as well.