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I really love Lyall's route but I've only managed to get his 1st ending New World, New Life. I've been trying to get the 2nd ending for awhile now (which I Imagine is the happier one?) but I just can't seem to get it no matter what choices I make ;;

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Hello! Thank you very much for playing AIRIS and leaving a comment! :D

We're glad to hear you like Lyall's route ^_^ Ah yes, a few players have also reported difficulty in getting other endings for Lyall. We have actually uploaded a new version (v.1.2) that should make the endings easier to get, in case you haven't downloaded that! We didn't have time to fully test how hard it is to get the endings before release (since NaNo deadline), so apologies for that >_<

In case you are already on v.1.2 but still encountering difficulties, we offer a full walkthrough PDF for the game on our Patreon for $1 a month, but otherwise, I can give some tips! For 2nd ending, I believe you should try to


a) keep the points for how much determination you show towards life and your tasks on the low side but not TOO low. So for choices that you feel will affect the determination, alternate between choosing the determined one and the less-determined one
b) choose the patriotic answers and show more respect towards the king

Hope that helps! Thank you again for playing :D

sooo just donate to your ko-fi to become a patreon?

If you want to become a Patron, it might be easier to just pledge to us on Patreon.com because you can receive the rewards automatically. Our Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/EbullienceGames

We currently offer a full walkthrough PDF for AIRIS if you pledge $1 a month or more. Do note that it's a recurring monthly payment, though you can quit your pledge at any time. :)

Thank you for considering to donate to us! :"D